Outdoor recreation is one of the major reasons many Albertans own woodland. Benefits derived from the many outdoor recreation activities available include physical fitness, relaxation, adventure, personal enjoyment and appreciation of nature.

You may wish to create and improve recreational opportunities for:

  • personal use
  • public use
  • commercial use

Public Use of Private Land
If the public uses your land now or you are thinking of creating opportunities for public use, you may want to give some thought to potential concerns including:

  • once public recreational use of a site is established, it may be difficult to stop
  • landowner liability
  • damaging or littering on your property

Commercial Recreation
Your woodlot may have commercial recreational potential. If this is one of your goals, some of the organizations listed below may be able to provide helpful information.

Alberta Tourism

AlbertaHunter Education 

Hunting in Alberta

Federation of Alberta Naturalists

Alberta Orienteering Association

Alberta Snowmobile Association