As owners of Alberta's forested lands, the province's woodlot owners have a major role to play in protecting the province's biodiversity through conservation of natural areas, plants, animals and water quality.

You may want to consider formal or informal protection of areas on your woodlot that are rare or unique, or areas that are special to you. Information is available from Alberta Envoronment and Sustainable Resource Development.

Rare Species Location & Status
Information about the location and status of rare plants, animals and natural communities in Alberta is available from the Alberta Native Plants Council

Protect Water Quality
Help protect water quality through:

  • careful layout and construction of roads and trails in accordance with established regulations, guidelines and Best Management Practices
  • use of proper stream crossings



National Tree Seed Centre
Canadian Forest - Atlantic Forestry Centre

COSEWIC Plants at Risk 

COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada)

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