Pesticide Use

National Standards
(Basic Knowledge Requirement for Pesticide Education in Canada)

This document is organized into the 10 following concepts and contains the minimum knowledge requirements for the certification of applicators:

  1. General Information
    • terminology
    • categorizing pesticides
    • formulations
  2. Regulations
    • federal, provincial, and municipal pesticide laws
  3. Labelling
    • identify, define and use the information on pesticide labels
  4. Human Health
    • acute and chronic toxicity
    • routes of exposure
    • factors affecting exposure
    • reducing exposure and risk
    • recognition of poisoning
  5. Pesticide Safety
    • attitude and general precautions
    • selecting and purchasing pesticides
    • protective clothing and equipment
    • transportation, storage and disposal
    • mixing and loading
    • safety during application
    • re-entry
    • application records
  6. Environment
    • fate of pesticides
    • aquatic impact
    • land impact
  7. Pest Management
    • integrated pest management
    • pest identification and biology
    • monitoring methods, action and injury level
  8. Application Technology
    • equipment selection
    • proper equipment set-up, use and maintenance
    • equipment calibration and pesticide use calculations
    • pesticide products and factors affecting their use and performance
  9. Emergency Response
    • spills
    • fire
    • first aid
  10. Professionalism
    • dealing effectively with clients and the public regarding the use of pesticides

Courses in Pesticide Certification are offered by various organizations including:

Alberta Pesticide Applicators Coarse