There are hundreds of species of plants in Alberta and each one belongs to a plant family that has its own distinctive structural and life characteristics.

Plants vary in number and where they grow. Some plants such as bunchberry are common, while others like the striped coral root orchid are extremely rare. Alberta has some unusual plants as well.

Poisonous Plants

Plants Beneficial to Wildlife
Take special note of plants and shrubs beneficial for wildlife including:

  • food sources such as old apple trees, oak, beech, poplar (large-tooth aspen), cavity trees and snags
  • habitat such as alder patches, hedgerows, cavity trees, snags and waterways

Plant Preservation
COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) determines the status of wild species, subspecies, varieties, and significant populations considered to be at risk of extinction or extirpation in Canada:


North America Plant Identification Database