Woodland Management Plan

A plan is defined as a method (or a program of action) for achieving an end.  Planning is central to good forest management and a woodland management plan is an invaluable tool.

A woodland management plan is a detailed written document which includes:

  • woodland description
  • woodland inventory
  • landowner's goals and objectives
  • description of strategies designed to meet the landowner's management objectives, including where applicable:
    • activities
    • location
    • timeframe

Landowners may decide to develop a woodland management plan on their own, or may decide to seek assistance from other sources including Forestry Consultants and Woodland Owner Organizations located throughout the province.

A template for a simple Farm Woodlot Management Plan may be found here and instructions on how to complete it here.

A woodland management plan should be reviewed and updated at regular intervals.

NOTE: Woodland management planning has important implications for intergenerational transfer and taxation of woodland property. A management plan and evidence of the forestry expertise of landowners and/or others is of particular importance.


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